Thursday, January 31, 2008

Iman's first day at school

Today's the first day Iman Raziq go to school. He was so excited since last night, susun semua uniform, stationaries and school bag for the big day. We were too surprised to say anything while witnessing him do all that by himself.. dah besar anak papa & mama nih ;-) Iman Nuryasmin was whining all the time, demanded to be sent to school together with her brother. Sorry Yasmin, this year you have to stay in the nursery. You're still a baby girl. They both went to bed quite late, around 11pm just to make sure everything was ready.

We arrived at school at 10am. It was so nice to be welcomely greeted by the school prefects and teachers. He was quickly assigned to a class full of international students. There are students who come from Greece, German, China and Indonesia. Btw, Iman got himself a Malaysian Chinese classmate who had just arrived from KL yesterday. His class teacher is called Ms. Robinson. She seems so nice, quite an active and cheerful person. The parents were not allowed to be in the school area during the school period, and so we leaved. As we walked our way out of the class, there was a mixed feeling of proud, sad and overjoyed as we looked at our Iman, happily playing with the toys in the classroom. Well, kindi is the year where students play and sing a lot.. and make friends too!

We went straight back home and watched the dvd entitled "Blades of Glory", as a mean to keep us occupied while waiting for Iman to finish his school for the day. Hahaha... the movie made us laugh for a while, and helped not to worry about Iman too much.

Around 3pm, we rushed to the school to get Iman. We looked over into the class and we couldn't see where Iman was. As if she understood whom we were looking for, his teacher told us that Iman was so tired until he fall aslept on the floor. Hahaha... I could figure where he got that from, ME! Listening to stories will always make me feel sleepy. Well Iman, starting from today onwards, you have to go to bed as early as 9pm, right after Maghrib. You're not going to sleep in the class any more young man ;-)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nothing in progress

There is nothing happening going on this week. Just keep doing our routine, go to school in the morning, leave our kids with Huari (sal's youngest brother), get back around 5pm, watching television or dvd's at night, and go to sleep as early as 10-11pm, and doing the same routine every single day onwards.

However, we managed to find ourselves couple of new interesting places such as Lakemba and Homebush. Well, Lakemba is one of the suburb in NSW where majority of the people are Lebanese. Its just like being sorrounded by Arabic people there. So easy to find tudung, jubah, Islamic books and all other Islamic stuffs. There is also so many Halal food here, but mostly Arabic cuisines. Tak boleh masyuk arr...

Then, there is the Direct Factory Outlet (a.k.a DFO) at Homebush. It is like a big hangar. Can find so many popular branded clothing outlets including David Lawrence, Ralph Laurens, Billabong, Quicksilver, Pumpkin Patch, Guess, Giodarno, to name a few.. The prices are also quite reasonable since they are actually coming directly from the factory. So, next time if I'm running out of shirts or shoes, I'll know where to go ;-)

No picture this time since there is nothing interesting scenery to take. And as usual, we really really really miss you guys out there. Love everybody :-)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rindu TGV

Salam semua....

There is nothing much to say in this new post. It just that it has been a very long time since we had watch our movies in TGV Mines or KLCC. Back in Malaysia, going to the cinema is our weekly activities. Now, since the ticket costs us about AUD12.50 per person, it's such a waste. Mahal woooo... So jealous when Farid (my x-rumet cum best friend) said "best ooo tengok wayang semalam". Hampeh la lu mat. Nanti laaaa...

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my friends. He gave me a list of movies that will be out in 2008. Well, there are so many good movies that I really love to see but hey another option will do, which just wait until we can buy or rent it on DVD's. And hehe... sape-sape yang bermurah hati nak buang atau hadiah DVD, please don't hesitate to mail it to me okay. DVD's here is so expensive, cost about aud20++ per new movie or aud10++ for old movies.

To our friends out there, if you do have a picture together with me or Sal or even with our kids, kindly e-mail it to me. I would like to keep those picture for our memories. Thanks guys...

Tones of memories with all of you... Miss that a lotzz

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

cerita tujuh malam

Salam semua. A big apologize for the late update. Been quite busy these two three weeks. This time, I’ve tried not to insert any more sad entry but what can I do, it is sad. Just this afternoon we went to the airport to send ibu Sal, angah (adik Sal) and achik (our adopted family member) who were leaving for Malaysia. Sekejap je rasanya...sunyi balik umah ni. Dah tade suara angah ngan achik dok jerit-jerit melayan kerenah si iman ngan yasmin, tade dah suara ibu tanye nak masak ape ari ni ek, long? to be frank, selama ibu kat sini for almost 3 weeks, Sal seemed to less care about these cooking things. But actually it's a good thing since we could enjoy the taste of ibu's cooking. Sekejap tadi masa aku bukak microwave tengok ade semangkuk lebihan sambal ikan bilis (lauk nasi lemak smlm) ibu masak masa aunty asfa datang umah. Sedihnye........menitis jugak la air mata ni. Bila lagi lepas ni aku nak merasa nasi lemak ibu?

Another thing that surely will make us so sad and miss a lot is when the time everybody sitting and loitering at the balcony outside our room. A lot of chatting, borak2, berasap, enjoy tgk bintang kat langit waktu mlm.... something that we've seldom done before. In fact pintu balcony tu kitorang mmg jarang sgt bukak since tak brp secure utk anak2 (grill balcony tu agak luas).

Dalam pada tu still grateful jugak la bila dpt bwk diorang jalan2 sekitar Sydney. Mmg tak dpt cover suma. But the most important thing is that we've brought them to almost every places in Sydney. Darling harbor, sydney opera house, paddys market, taronga zoo, gi tgk 3d kat imax, westfield, bondi junction, bondi beach, mandi laut kat coogee beach, la perouse, picnic kat centennial park, city.... kira orait la tu kan...sempat jugak kitorang memerah keringat si achik ngan angah sorting catalouge kat dlm garage..he he. Sepanjang diorang ade kat sini, kiranya kitorang pun cuti jugak la... research makin slow, alahaiiiiii........ ni baru nak mula balik, adushhhh! memang kena pulun abis nih, lagipun dah tahun baru kan, kena ade azam baru la.

Adik huari stay sini sampai awal bulan 3. Dia dijadualkan balik malaysia 3/3/2008. So lucky to have him here, at least we have someone in the house to talk to and good for Iman and Yasmin, at least they have somebody to play with. Tapi esok bila dia dah balik, tak tau la camane...what to do kan? Dtg sini niat nak belajar, jadi nak tak nak kena la kuatkan semangat no matter what the condition is.

One of azam tahun baru ni, aku dah buat plan nak balik Malaysia bulan 10 in this year. Tak kira la, aku akan usahakan jugak. Rindu sangat kat suma, family, kengkawan, fsktm, alamanda, klcc, midvalley, he he..aku berdoa sgt Allah murahkan rezeki kami kat sini dan semoga harapan nak balik Malaysia esok tercapai, insyaAllah.

Ok la.