Thursday, May 22, 2008

30th anniversary

21st May 1978, at 8.30 am, a baby boy was born in HKL and was given a name Sazly by his beloved father, Anuar. Yesterday, 30 years later, that baby is now a father of two gorgeous kids (a smart, handsome son and a beautiful daughter) and a loving husband to the most prettiest women ever found in this planet, Salfarina.

His father, Anuar and his mother, Su Fatimah, have always been so proud of him. Just before he came here to Australia, they told him that they never had this thought that he will become the first in the family to pursue a PhD and that never imagine this little grubby face boy will make his family feel so proud of him as he is today.

Only last night, this boy couldn't control his tear
s from coursing down his cheeks. He never left his family for a period of more than a month. But now, he hasn't seen them for more than 7 months. All this while, they only communicate through phone calls . It was his 30th birthday yesterday, celebrated first time in his life without having the family or friends around.

However, he got his very own family now. The
y still celebrated the day together with full of joys, and laughters, still sang him the birthday song although deep inside his heart he really misses his parents so much. But yet, he feels so grateful, that God has given him chance to live until today, and the chance to gain so many successes in his life. With all of his dearest by his side, who perfectly understands and supports him.

Yesterday, he blew a cake, with one hope, with one wish... A promise to take care of his family, including his parents, no matter what, no matter how, and to make sure that everybody felt so proud of him. Happy 30th birthday to me...

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Trip to Blue Mountain

Salam ceria...

Sabtu lepas (17/5/08), me and my family had a day
trip to one of the most beautiful and historical place in NSW, so called the Blue Mountain. Well, it was an adhoc move since we wanted to escape from all the workloads in the whole week.

We started our day as early as 6 am and prepared the meal for the trip. Sal made the delicious sardine sandwiches, jagung bakar and daging burger. The one hour journey began with a train ride from Sydney Central to a town called Blacktown. Kene turun kat Blacktown sebab jalan keretapi tgh direpair, so
kene naik bas la plak. Know what, a journey from Blacktown to Katoomba (Blue Mountain) takes about 1 and a half hour. Mak aihh... lenguh badan weh. But as soon as we reached Katoomba, we were so amazed with the scenic views of the town. Ditambah pulak dengan kesejukan cuaca.... brrrrrr... brrrrr...kejang!

To ease our visits and sightseeing activity, we took an explorer bus that goes around blue mountain in every half and hour. Well actually the explorer bus is a double decker bus, which was specially brought from London to here. Dapat la jugak naik, takde la hebat mana pun, best lagi bas mini/rapidfire kat Malaysia... :-)

The most beautiful attraction here is a place called "three sisters". Ada sejarah dia, tapi tak reti nak cite...

As you all can see, there is not so many pictures of myself taken, since I was the cameraman. Lagipun, gambar orang dah kurus memang selalu tunjuk last-last. Ni la klimaks dia... Well everybody, see you in my next entry. Love always...

Atas permintaan ramai, this is the new me:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

kebizian... bzzz bzzz buzz lightyear

Mmmmm... lama tak update blog ni. So many stories to tell, yet so few time can be spend on this blog. huhu...

What had happen to us in this couple of weeks? Well, I can only summarize it and sorry cause there is no new picture in it. Hopefully I can put some picture in next entry.

New place to stay
We have moved to a new house which cost us a lot more cheaper (from $360/week to $260/week) and a lot more comfortable (3rd floor apartment to single story house). So, this is our new address:

3/70, Kensington Road,
Kensington, NSW2033,

Thanks to everybody who has helped us with the removals especially to Abang Ridhwan (UIA) who had carry all the heavy stuff and Kak Suhaila (UiTM) who made us a lunch (sedap kuey teaw tu). Thank you soo much...

Research progress
I might have some problems doing research since I take 3 courses this semester. So, most of my study time is given on the courses rather than research, which obviously not a good idea when doing a PhD. My supervisor had warn me about my lack of progress in doing research. Haiyaaaa... Sudahla kelas banyak assignment.
As for Sal's, she had a very good progress in research. Yesterday she was having a committee presentation and Prof. Ross Jeffry said that she is in the right track and having a very good progress. Emmm... good for her.

Badminton Tournament
A very good news, at least for me. Last Sunday was the final day of Badminton Tournament in UNSW. Well, the tournament is just opened for the Malaysian student/staff/PR here in Sydney. Guess what, me and my partner (Farid - bukan Farid Jaafar yang dirindui) had won the overall champion of mens double. Alhamdulillah... at least I know that I'm good at something.

Weight management
Another good news for me. I managed to reduce my weight since the first day I came here. My weight was 105 kg when I step my foot here in Sydney. Now, based from the yesterday reading, it is only 85 kg. Mak aihhh... ini mesti banyak makan hati buat research... Apapun, It's good to know that I've achieved something here, hehehe...

Emmmm... rasenye tu je la dulu kot. We usually went to bed around 10 pm everyday since it's quite cold at night. Even Sal, Iman and Yasmin got a flue and warm fever. Semoga cepat sembuh yek manja-manja papa...